Minorly Obsessed with Moe’s

Moe’s Southwest Grill is a lovely little take out joint, a regional chain and some of the BEST food I’ve ever had. The burritos have great names like Homewrecker and Art Vandalay – plus their salads have cool names like Close Talker and Personal Trainer.

The one in the picture there is a Naked Homewrecker, which makes me giggle every time I order it. There’s something about a place that has hysterical names and says “Welcome to Moe’s” when you walk in. Oh, and gives you free chips. Lovely.

However, there was no Moe’s in NYC for the longest time. I went to one when I was traveling on business to Atlanta but no Moe’s was in the metro area. Until recently. And, until I found one here, I became minorly obsessed with Moe’s and had to go every time I saw one.

Citations for my obsession:
– First time I went to Moe’s was during a conference. Rather than eat the convention food, I went to CNN Center (clearly, it was in Atlanta) and had Moe’s. Five times in three days. Obsession began.
– I was visiting a friend outside DC and screamed “Moe’s!” when we drove near one. She almost had a heart attack. While driving. Since then, I dragged her to Moe’s every time I went to visit. She and her hubby became minorly obsessed too.
– After another trade show, I took a red eye home to be the godmother at my nephew’s baby shower. With no sleep after a very, very busy week (think 18+ hour days), my brother stopped at a grocery store so we could buy cards. And I saw a Moe’s. Begged to go. They were closed. Pouted all the way to the reception (where there was tons of food). Minorly obsessed with Moe’s.
– I was at a Dave Matthews Band show at Randall’s Island a few years back and saw they had a Moe’s. But it was in the reserved seating section. I had general admission and couldn’t go. So, so, so sad that I had to e-mail Moe’s afterwards.
– FINALLY, a minor victory this summer. I was at another Dave Matthews Band show – this time at Jones Beach – and Moe’s was passing out flyers for a buy one get one free. I dragged my sister-in-law to Moe’s. I think she’s minorly obsessed too.

And then, victory. I was on my way to Syracuse and at Penn Station. Had vicious food poisoning the day before and didn’t know what to eat. And there, in the station, was MOE’S! So exciting! Even post food poisoning, it was the food to eat. Perfect for a long train ride and that’s all I needed for the trip.

So, since that visit to Moe’s, I’ve been back four times. In two months. Clearly, I’m minorly obsessed.

Are you minorly obsessed with Moe’s. If you go, try the green salsa in the salsa bar. It’s fantastic.



2 responses to “Minorly Obsessed with Moe’s

  1. I think I know that girl who was scared out of her wits that we were about to hit an oncoming car or a baby or something when you screamed “MOE’S!” 🙂

    I have to agree… it was my craving food when I was pregnant and one of the first things I checked for when we decided to move. Sorry Chipotle. Sorry Cal Tort. Sorry other lame burrito places that are like super lame-o lame. Moe’s rules!

    z ;-]

    hey… check this out!

  2. I know! I was nervous (post screaming) that you’d get into an accident too. Moe’s rules.

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