Still minorly obsessed with Dad

Dad’s starting to do a little better post surgery. Yesterday, he sat up for the first time without the support of the bed – with the help of his therapist, Erica. Today, they want to get him out of bed for a spin around the ward (probably via a wheelchair). All prayers, good thoughts are still welcome.


8 responses to “Still minorly obsessed with Dad

  1. Thinking of him and hoping for a fast recovery!

  2. Hey, nice to see Dean sitting up!! Congratulations, we are thrilled the surgery went well and he is on his road to recovery. Thanks for the blog, Deanna. it’s a great way to keep up with the progress!

  3. This is too cute! I’m glad you shared this site with me and I love that you’re posting about your Dad. It looks like you share the same smile and I’m sure he’s smiling because he knows you support him 100%!

    …I’m also still minorly obsessed with my Dad. He always makes me laugh!

  4. I hope dad feels better really soon!

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