Welcome back to BurritoVille

dinner at Burritoville, originally uploaded by MinorlyObsessed.

I’ve always loved BurritoVille. It was my favorite Mexican restaurant in New York. And, when I happened upon it in Chelsea – virtually in its same location – I was SOOOOO excited.

So here’s what I really enjoyed. The decor was a step up. The music was fun and festive. The place was pretty darn crowded for 9:30 on a Thursday night.

The not so great. Well, the food is okay. It’s decent. It’s not the super delicious amazing BurritoVille of old that would have gotten an A+ rating from me.

What’s good is that they are trying out new options and I took a chance and had the soy chicken fajita. It was decent but could have been better. But I can see that it has potential.

So we should give it a try. And support healthier options in Mexican food that is freshly prepared. They still have brown rice and wheat tortillas – try to get that at Qdoba or Chipolte – no chance. They still make everything fresh. The veggies are very good and you can tell they really care about cleanliness. And there are still chips but they give you a small selection and no salsa bar (bring back the salsa bar!!!!!!).

Oh and the green salsa. Believe them when they tell you that it’s hot. Um, yeah it is.

This BurritoVille feels like a new business. We’re in a less than awesome economy and they have a vision for healthier cuisine so let’s give it a chance and let it catch its stride again.

I still ♥ BurritoVille and hope that the restaurant comes back to the good days of old 🙂


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