From Streetcat to Charming Chompy

Yesterday, I lost my lovely little kitty Chompy. He had cancer, multiple forms, but the one that got him attacked his brain, made him confused beyond belief and took away his vision.  But the end was not who Chompy was.

Chompy loved squeezing himself into places smaller than him - he would snuggle and sleep in the top of this bed

Chompy came to me when I was living in Manhattan in the late 90s with my roommate Nona, who is very active in kitty rescue. Someone found a tiny kitten abandoned on the streets and brought him to Nona to deliver to the rescue folks.

However, this spunky little kitten (who was so tiny that he fit in one hand) thought he was a dog, ate dog food and would rough up the other 10 cats living with us, including my Harley, who was the only one who stood up to him. Following a massing set of fur flying fights, they became the best of friends. They fought, scrapped and so much more. And now, they’re up in kitty heaven together.

Chompy loves Harley

And back to Chompy.

Chompy adored hanging on my bed. Especially after washing the linens, where he would roll all over the bed, spreading his special Chompy fur (screw fabric softener).

Chompy’s name came from exactly who he was – a bit of a biter. He never broke the skin but when you would rub his belly, he would get so excited that he would grab your hand with his paws and give you a little love bite – an tiny nibble. Charming. Perfectly Chompy.

He loved chasing laser lights, getting his belly rubbed, sitting on my lap, chomping down full cans of cat food in an instant, snuggling in every which way possible (even on the hottest days of the year), being brushed (though he would attack the brush if it went on for more than three minutes), being pet and just being around me. He had a limitless love for me and everyone he met and — while he was a bit of a scaredy cat around new folks, the blender (where he might have freaked out on my brother and dug a nail into his chest) and the vacuum (which my sister and I might have chased him with causing him to become “flying Chompy”) — he loved every part of life and would greet me at the door whenever I arrived home with an excited meow.

Chompy and Harley both adored catnip. Here they are both seriously stoned after an eating bender.

As a self proclaimed kitty pot addict (aka catnip), he would eat volumes of the stuff every time I opened the container. A few times, I even caught him trying to open the container on his own (charming) and I would rub it into his fur too. Clearly I was his “dealer” enabling his addiction 🙂

He was a touch of a troublemaker too. He adored watching the pigeons that flew onto the balcony ledge. I loved watching him stalk his prey, making that little chirpy noise when a pigeon was in sight and then sprinting after them when they were not suspecting anything, and smashing his head into the balcony screen, slowly realizing he couldn’t go any further.

Chompy always got into places that I never thought he could reach. Here he is chilling in the empty closet of the apartment the day we moved in in 2008.

He’d also get into spaces where he didn’t belong, like the day we moved into the apartment in 2008. I remember I couldn’t find him for a while, thinking he got out while the movers were bringing in the last bits. But when I found him, in a classic Chompy fashion, he was just relaxing in one of  the empty closets, taking a break and settling into the new place.

Oh Chompy, I miss your handsome tuxedo-ed face. Thank you for all the time and love you gave me throughout your short life. I wish you an endless of time in heaven, pain free with all of your buddies, including Harley, Jez, Zeke, Sam and Zed. May you walk with the angels, enjoying endless fields of kitty pot and ponds of tuna water.

Dear friends and readers, please add your own memories of Chompy into the comments section below.

Chompy on the Balcony

For me, my home is really quiet without my Chompy, who was such a wonderful comfort when I lost Harley earlier this year. Miss them both quite terribly and created a little Spotify playlist as a tribute. Enjoy.

Kitties tribute – the greatest cats of all (Chompy & Harley)

Full disclosure: I have been working on Spotify’s PR team for some time now via Totally Splended (their US PR agency) and I love building playlists. Hope you enjoy this one.


8 responses to “From Streetcat to Charming Chompy

  1. Chompy reminds me of my cat Bendy. There are some photos of him on my blog under Me and the rest.
    Chompy sounded fab. So sorry for your loss, but what a blessing to have had him.
    Much love

    • Lynda – you’re right – it was an utter blessing to have him. I’m also grateful that he gave me an extra six weeks since we had the initial findings. He was just a wonderful kitty.

  2. I lost Bendy’s sister Iris at a year old and still miss her terribly.
    Do subscribe to my blog and I to yours and we can stay in touch.

  3. Hey Lynda – I’ve subscribed and thanks for finding me on Twitter too.

  4. I forgot about Chompy and the catnip…he really was a bit of an addict! We loved Chompy as much as we love our own cats, and were so sad to hear about his illness and passing. We love you, and Chompy, too. I’m sure that he and Harley are frolicking together now.

    • Thanks L – I forgot to mention that Chompy was my puppy kitty – he would always come trotting over when I called him. Loved that he thought he was part dog 🙂

  5. Ah, I remember Chompy when you held him in one hand — and there was still left-over room in your hand.

    Even as a kitten he was spunky and fun. Maybe he decided he was a dog because he began his early life living with Zeke and Sam, two great dogs. That said, Chompy was all cat — all purring, affectionate cat.

    Chompy was so cute that I remember well that you worried that I might change my mind about letting you adopt him. The minute I said you could adopt him, you ran out to a vet and made sure that he had his shots, was fixed, etc., etc. If I had any second thoughts, it was going to be hard for me to bring them up after you had spent so much on him!

    I’m so glad that he had such a good home. I’m also delighted that he brought you so much joy.

    But that’s the kind of a cat he was: a joy-bringing cat — who had the secret heart of a…dog.

    Well, I didn’t have second thoughts. Once he and Harley settled their differences, I knew Chompy would have a good home — and I would have visiting privileges.

  6. Oops. The last paragraph of my comment above was supposed to be in the original post.

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