Rockaway Taco …. drool …. yum … summer fun

Yesterday was another glorious day at the beach. This time, went to Jacob Riis in Rockaway. Like usual, arrived mid afternoon but with a touch of a crew this time. I brought some vanilla curry caramel popcorn that I made that morning – it was a little curry and lot of sweet crunchiness. (and thank you Cat Cora / Oprah for the recipe – I use a lot more curry than she does and it turns out brilliantly every time)

The water at Jacob Riis was lovely. Good gentle waves and pretty warm. You could easily stay out there for an hour and bask in the salty but beautiful breakers.


After, we stopped by Rockaway Taco for some delicious fish tacos (dear God are they bonkers good). There is a green salsa on the table in the picnic area – add some of that to whatever you get because it is absolutely worth it


The guacamole (on the deluxe fish taco) was added a nice accent too and it even matched my friend Stef’s new fancy pants green gingham manicure (yeah Sally Hanson manicure strips — we did those on the beach while (theoretically) drinking wine)…..


Oh and note the adorable surfing Hello Kitty — who is also wearing a lime green bikini! Yeah matching! Yeah summer! Yeah fun nails. Here are mine — so surf beach inspired.




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