Hurricane Sandy – Please help us recover! Rockaway Update


I spent today out on Rockaway Beach with a group of students, a teacher and other volunteers with Bona Responds ( working on three homes that were badly damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

We went in with the intention of helping a current student’s family whose house was badly damaged in the Hurricane. The water came up more than four feet into the house and all of the walls needed to be gutted. And everything wet needed to be tossed. Including the new kitchen and newly renovated floor (that was just finished on December 15!). They also lost both of their cars.

I know this is just one story but everyone on the block had similar if not worse stories. We’re going back again tomorrow and Sunday to volunteer again and you are more than welcome to join us.

If you haven’t yet, please do get involved in this recovery. We can’t do it without you. There was so much damage that your fellow Americans (and for the foreign folks, your fellow human beings 🙂 ) really, really need help.

By the way, the picture on this post shows just one of the houses we helped to clean out today — and this overflowing curb of stuff is the second full load out of the house. There is still a little more to remove and a hell of a lot to do to help them recover.

Can you pledge to do something today to help everyone impacted by Hurricane Sandy?





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